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    DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT/FORMATION       The \"outdoor training\" concept holds something complex, but simple at the same time, and with a very specific purpose. Broadly speaking, consists in of

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking Sports&Nature

As simple as incorporating a few sticks of walking activity will substantially improve our physical and mental state. The NW offers an easy and fun way to enjoy a new lifestyle and healthy to people worried about their health.


Revolutionizes the concept of linking sport and health, informing customers about the benefits of practicing this new form of controlled and effective exercise.

Developed in conjunction with the medical and sports professionals it offers a new concept that is easily assimilated and has multiple health benefits.

Sport for everyone, which is very easy and fast learning.


“Improve your health and your life practicing Nordic Walking”


• Nordic walking routes in the north of Mallorca with start point from the hotel in one of the routes that we have guided.

• Nordic Walking routes in nature that will make you contemplate the beauty of our island from another angle, breathing fresh air, you will get with us information about the customs and traditions of our land, in addition to its fauna and flora as well as other values of history of Mallorca.


Nordic Walking Sports&Nature

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