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    DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT/FORMATION       The \"outdoor training\" concept holds something complex, but simple at the same time, and with a very specific purpose. Broadly speaking, consists in of

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Trekking Serra de Tramuntana

Trekking Sports&Nature


You will discover ways surrounded by nature and you will be able to observe from the highest spots the gorgeous beauty of our Island. With us you will get the information about the customs, history and traditions of our people and the beauty of our Fauna and Flora.


All the excursions have the transfer, the local guide, walking insurance and a mallorquin pick nick included.


The excursions start always at 9 am and end at about 5.00 pm. It's important to wear the appropriate clothes and shoes.




Excursions Sports&Nature 


Trekking 01



Description: The major attraction of this trip is to enjoy the stunning views with no need to overcome any important unevenness yet the Peninsula of La Victòria is situated between the two bays (of Alcudia and Pollença). At the same time, this trip allows access a seldom frequented beach (es Coll Baix). In the same way, there’s is the chance to discover the one-time defense system for the island consisted of watchfulness towers that sheltered the island from the pirates’ attacks.


Route: Ermita de la Victòria – Sa Penya Rotja – Talaia de la Victòria – Coll Baix – Ses Fontanelles – Alberg de la Victòria.

Time length: 4 hours.

Distance:     12 kms.

Unevennes: 250 mts.

Difficulty: Average.

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance


(According to weather conditions it will be possible to go for a dip in the beach of Es Coll Baix.)






Description: During this route one can observe nice views from La Vall d’en March as well as admiring the two bays of northern Majorca (Pollença and Alcudia). Along the trip we will visit two of the oldest “possessions” (country farmhouses) of Majorca and as long as the weather is fine we will be able to see all the Peninsula of Formentor and Minorca too.


Route:      Pollença - Cases de Can Pau – Fartàritx - Cuculla de Fartàrix.

Time length: 5 hrs.

Distance: 10 Kms.

Unevennes: 750 mts.

Difficulty: Average.

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance



Trekking 03:


Description: This “bridle path” runs through along the Peninsula of Formentor, which extension is about 12 kms long and 3 kms. broad. The first human evidences date back to Pre-Roman age (sites found in the Cova dels morts). The matchless beauty of this trip is due to the high contrast between sea and land and its heavenly general views.


Route: Cala Murta - Fumat – Cala Figuera- Cala Murta.

Time length: 5 hrs.

Distance: 9 kms.

Unevenness: Average (High ground to low ground).

Difficulty: Average.

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance


According to weather patterns it will be possible to go for a dip in Cala Murta’s beach.



Trekking 04:



Description: It starts in the small village of Valldemossa heading northwards to the Teix massif. It is a bridle path that runs through the country estate of Son Moragues. The route changes at every point: On the one hand, the forestry with holmoak wood, in order to produce coal have left many remains of traditional architecture (shafts, charcoal kilns, etc.); on the other hand,

the route offers to the visitor one of the most picturesque landscapes of the island, that inspired Austrian Archduke Louis Saviour to catalogue it as one of the beautiest places on earth.


Route: Valldemossa – Pla des Pouet – Mirador de Ses Puntes – Caseta de l’Arxiduc – Coll de Son Gallard – Pla des Pouet – Valldemossa. 


Time length: 3 hrs. 30’.

Distance: 8,5 kms.

c: Average. 437mts Valldemossa. 867mts Talaia Vella (caseta de l’Arxiduc)

Difficulty: Average.

Price: 45€





Trekking 05:



Description: We will start our trek at Cúber reservoir as we follow the Almadrà rushing stream through water pipelines and tunnels. Next, we will go across a stunning 800mts long canyon and then we will descend to the heavenly valley of Coll d’Almadrà reaching the Tossals Verds refuge. Finally, we will make our return trip towards “Les Cases Velles” (old houses) of Tossals Verds and then we will continue our way up to the “Font del Prat” from where there are spectacular views over the Gorg Blau reservoir.


Route: Pla de Cúber-Torrent d’Almadrà-Tossals Verds refuge-Cases Velles de Tossals Verds-Font del Prat-Gorg Blau-Font d'es Noguer.

Time length: 4,5 hours.

Distance: 14 kms.

Difficulty: Average.

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance.




Trekking 06:



Description: The old way to Lluc, used by the pilgrims to adore the Lluc Virgin, will take us through the marvelous Nature af the mountain-chain of Tramuntana. Once in de monastery and after seeing it, we will be droven back to the club.


Route: Pollensa-Escorca-Monasterio de lluc (550m.altitud)

Distance: 14 km.

Difficulty: easy

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance






Description: We will follow a stoney Mountain way up to the top where we can see Mallorca 5 highest mountains. From there you will have an amazing view over the nord of the island till Palma. Our way down will lead us to the valley of Aucanella passing snowhouses on a goat path.


Route: Binifaldó - Puig Tomir - Binifaldó - Monasterio de lluc

Time leng: 5 hours.

Distance: 7 kms.

Difficulty: High

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance







Description: Our walk will bring us from the bay of Alcudía to Cap Ferrutx. After Colonia de St. Perre we go over a rocky way passing the coastline direction Betlem. Continuing over a goat way direction Quelle Sa Crutia we arrive at the Ermita de Betlem. During our picnic break we will have a beautiful view over the bay of Alcudia to Formentor. Once when we finished the picnic we take the way back to the car.


Time leng: 

Distance: aprox. 12km

Difficulty: easy, 280 high, stony and rocky

Price: 45€

Included: local guide, mallorcan picnic, transfer and insurance






Description: The spectacular limestone gorge is possibly Mallorca's greatest natural wonder and certainly my favourite. It stretches for about 4km, passing between 200 meter high walls, in places only a few metres apart, until it reaches the sea at the little beach of Sa Calobra. At the bottom section of the gorge where it opens up into a large pebbly area where you can stroll around and admire the massive cliffs on either side. Traversing the main gorge from the top downwards is a serious undertaking requiring about 4 hours.

The  Torrent de Pareis Gorge was formed over thousands of years by the abrasive action of water from two major rivers, the Torrent de Gorg Blau and the Torrent de Lluc which meet at an area known as S'Entreforc', meaning 'between the fork'. From here the river continues down through a narrow canyon and over boulders the size of houses, to finally open up and reach the open sea at the little beach of Sa Calobra. 

In 2003 the whole area around the gorge was declared a Natural Monument, and it is now heavily protected. It is the home to more than 300 species of flora, and also an endangered toad (Alytes mulentis), exclusive from Mallorca.

Route: Escorca, entreforc, la fosca, Torrent de pareis,la calobra.

Time lengh: 5h

Distance: 3,5km

Difficulty: high

Price: 70 euros


Trekking Sports&Nature


Special program SportsNature 2013:
4 excursions throughout a week from Monday to Friday both even with an intermediate rest day.
• All tours have a duration of 5 hours.
• Minimum groups of 5 people.
Monday: Atalaya de Alcudia - Coll Baix. Difficulty: average
Tuesday: Puig Tomir. (1103 m) Difficulty: medium-high
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: The Heroe, ancient way of the lighthouse keeper. Difficulty: average
Friday: Fartaritx. Ascent to the houses of possession. (712 m) Difficulty: medium-high
PRICE: 120 € per person

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