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    DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT/FORMATION       The \"outdoor training\" concept holds something complex, but simple at the same time, and with a very specific purpose. Broadly speaking, consists in of

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For non-divers it is almost impossible to appreciate what diving is all about. Animal and plant life not seen on land, the sensations of breathing air under water and being able to hover weightless like an astronaut in space. With the right equipment and the necessary knowledge, diving is an easy and safe sport. There are very few physical restrictions in the water so even people with disabilities can experience the fun. The minimum age is 12 years. There is no maximum age limit.




Padi Logotipo

Underwater PADI Discover Scuba Diving Trip (Christening). First and unforgettable experience in the sea. It means the start of a diver’s career. It includes a full module of the Open Water Diver basic course. Length time: _ a day. 


PADI Scuba Diver Course. This course allows diving down to 12 mts. depth under a dive Master’s supervision. It comprises 3 of 5 modules of the Open Water Diver basic course. Duration: From 2 to 3 days.


PADI Open Water Diver Course. With this certification you are able to plunge down to 18 mts. depth. The whole course has a duration of 4/5 days and it consists of three stages: Theory, practise in pool and out to sea plunge (4 plunges accompanied by an instructor).


PADI Advanced Open Water Dive course. For taking this course you will need to hold the PADI Open Water Diver qualification. Thanks to it you will manage to improve your skills and experience for plunges in special conditions.  With this course you will improve your underwater skills. This involves 5 specialty dives (orientation, deep dive, wreck dive, night dive etc.) giving you additional experience and confidence in the water. The course can be done in 3-5 days.


Scuba diving for kids: BUBBLEMAKER: The kids love it, real scuba diving with specially designed scuba gear for kids in the swimming pool under the supervision of our instructor.


Speciality courses 

• Underwater Photography I

• Underwater photography II

• Underwater identification fishes

• Underwater biologic naturalist

• Cave diving

• Deep diving

IAHD program for disabled divers

**Seminary of photography and underwater biology 





  • 1 dive from boat 40€
  • 2 dives 60€/día
  • 6 or more dives 27€/día
  • 10 or more dives 25€/día
  • Scuba review 40€/día
  • night dive (min. 3 pers.) 60€
  • Inmersión desde playa (min. 2 pers.) 30€
  • dive insurance for one day* 6€
  • Diving rent gear  
  • Full equip 25€/día
  • 3hours programs  
  • Snorkeling from boat 40€
  • Diving for kids 60€
  • Dive Baptism 75€
  • Courses  
  • Scuba Diver ( 2 days) 230€  
  • Open Water Diver (3-4 days) 385€   
  • Upgrade Scuba Diver - Open Water Diver 160€   
  • Scuba Review 90€    
  • Adventure Diver (3 days) 200€   
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) 320€    
  • Rescue Diver( 5 days ) 500€
  • Divemaster.( 15 days ) 600€Especiality courses:
  • • Underwater photografy I. 200€
  • • Underwater photografy II. 200€
  • • underwater identification fishes. 150€
  • • Underwaterbiology naturalist. 150€
  • • Cave diving. 250€
  • • Deep underwater. 250€ 
  • • *IAHD Program.  
  • Rate 350€, duration: 2 days.





Cala Molins and Cala Carbo

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: EASY, suitable for all divers
YOU MIGHT SEE: wrasse, scorpionfish, rabbitfish, Stingray



• Es Colomer

DEPT: 40 - 50 M LEVEL OF DIFFICUTLY: Advanced, experienced divers only
YOU MIGHT SEE: Cuttlefish, squid, octopus, tuna, lobster


• Punta Avanzada (Avanzada point)  

 The first dive site is located just 10 minutes boat trip from the harbour. It is the perfect spot for first time divers enjoying a PADI discover scuba course. it is aslo where we train our Open Water divers. Depths range from 1.5 metres to 12 metres maximum, and the sea bed is a mix of sand, rock and seaweeds. The fish life is abundant, and well used to the presence of divers.


 • La isla Formentor (Formentor island)  

This dive site, in front of the famous Hotel Formentor, is a mix of depths, sea bed compositions, and boasts an amazing range of aquatic flora and fauna. On the east/northeast of the island we start in 5 metres and descend progressively to 22 metres, finishing at an interesting rock formation through which we can easily pass through. For those with low air consumption, we continue to a look out spot in the seaweed to hopefully enjoy big shoals of passing tuna and barracuda fish. 


 • El Castellet Morro del pont   

 These two dives sites are at 20 metres, following along the curve of a submerged reef. Here one starts to feel the oceanic currents, which means there is an abundance of fish life in this area. The pretty bays of Cala Murta and Cala Engosauba are the perfect spots to anchor between the two dives. In these sites we practise with the AZIMUTH de MARES rebreather, and the silence of this equipment means we are lucky to come ever closer to the shoals of barracuda.


  • Punta del viento (the windy headland)  

 In this dive we start by descending to a depth of 20 - 25 metres, and as we finish at a depth of 10 metres, this is an excellent site for multi level diving.


  • La cueva de Jeronimo (Geronimo's cave)  

 Very easily accessible, the entrance is an enormous hole of 15 metres in diameter, that continues some 30 metres inside, finishing in a huge bubble of fresh air. It is a spectacular site, the daylight and particularly the rays of the sun enter the cave so it is bright inside, the light reflecting off the many stalactites. This spot is ideal for the practise of safety techniques in the cave speciality course..


 • La cueva de la S (the "s" cave)  

 This dive begins at the mouth of a 20 metre tunnel. At this point, the more experienced descend into a canyon type fissure arriving in a totally submerged cavity. Once explored, we then exit at a depth of about 28 metres to continue the dive. Depending the time of year, one can see large prawns, scorpion fish, large conger eels, and sometimes even surprise a sleeping grouper !


  • Cabo Formentor (The Formentor cape)  

 The Cape of Formentor is the most northern point on the island, where, if you are lucky, is one of the surest places to spot dolphins. It is also popular for the passing Tuna on their passage from the strait of Gibraltar towards Menorca. During this dive we descend to 30 metres, passing some enormous rocks, slowly making our way to a level of 12 metres and finishing at the boat in a depth of 5 metres. In this spot the ocean currents are very favorable to encouraging the growth of the aquatic flora and fauna.


 • Cataluña Point, Marina's cave, Pedro's cave  

 • Cap Cataluña, Cueva de Marina, Cueva de Pedro   

 These sites are located in the North west coast of the island, where depths can drop rapidly to 50 metres. These caves are technically more difficult and at depths of 30 metres one can find penetrations of up to 200 metres into the rock. These sites are excellent for specialities such as deep, cave and the new PADI programmes of TEC REC.



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